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Example Courses

Video Integration Demonstration

This presentation has been put together to showcase Jackdaw Cloud's ability to integrate video and virtual learning worlds and highlights some of the benefits of taking out membership packages too.

UK Comedy fans will recognise the esteemed comedic actor David Schneider showing how comedy can enhance a message. Any US visitors may recognise him from Mission Impossible with Tom Cruise.

Courses Available with Jackdaw Cloud Membership Packages

Membership packages may include bespoke development and a library of business courses. Click on any of the examples below to e-Learning WMB also offer a range of off the shelf e-learning courses to complement our bespoke e-learning. The full e-learning course list can be found on the e-Learning WMB website.

Jackdaw Cloud Customisable Induction / On Boarding e-Learning

Customisable Induction / On Boarding: A unique system for producing customised induction.

Rapid Cloud based e-learning Asbestos Awareness

Asbestos Awareness

Health & Safety

Asbestos Awareness: This course is aimed at all people who are likely to come into contact with asbestos whilst at work. This training should be carried out immediately before commencing such work.

COSHH e-Learning


Health & Safety

COSHH: All employees who handle or work near hazardous chemicals are required to know about the COSHH regulations. This is usually carried out prior to starting work.

Rapid development example of Driver Safety e-Learning

Driver Safety

Health & Safety

Driver Safety: This e-learning module on driver safety outlines the key issues behind staying safe behind the wheel of your car. The e-learning instructs you on the most common causes of road accidents and instructs you on how to avoid them.

Rapid e-learning Fire Safety using Jackdaw Cloud e-learning

Fire Safety

Health & Safety

Fire Safety: This course gives basic fire safety training, instructing the learner in correct procedure in event of a fire.

Health and Safety Induction e-Learning using Rapid e-learning

Health and Safety Induction

Health & Safety

Health and Safety Induction: Topics from this comprehensive safety induction program can be selected to include Electricity, Working at Height, Manual Handling, Ergonomics, Fire Safety, Asbestos, Needle Stick, COSHH, Noise, Vibration, Stress etc.

Lone Working e-Learning free App to download from Android or Apple IOS

Lone Working

Health & Safety

Lone Working: This course provides guidance on how lone workers' health and safety is managed with your organisation. It will help you understand what you need to do to keep safe when working alone.

Rapid e-learning Manual Handling course authored by Jackdaw Cloud

Manual Handling

Health & Safety

Manual Handling: This course deals with basic lifting procedure as well as assessing risk in lifting and other manual handling operations.

Office Safety / Ergonomics rapid e-Learning produced by Jackdaw Cloud

Office Safety / Ergonomics

Health & Safety

Office Safety / Ergonomics: This course teaches the employer how to set up their workstation correctly as well as carrying out an ergonomic assessment.

Risk Assessment rapid e-Learning produced by Jackdaw Cloud

Risk Assessment

Health & Safety

Risk Assessment: This training has been developed to give you the basic skills for carrying out a workplace risk assessment in a social housing workplace setting.

Working at Heights e-Learning

Working at Heights

Health & Safety

Working at Heights: This course gives an overview of current legislation and instructs the learner on how to safely Work at Heights.

Anti Money Laundering Introduction e-Learning

Anti Money Laundering Introduction

Data Protection and Security

Anti Money Laundering Introduction: Money Laundering is the process by which criminals and terrorists convert money obtained illegally into legitimate funds. This course covers how to recognise money laundering in social housing and how to avoid it.

Anti Social Behaviour for General Employees e-Learning

Anti Social Behaviour for General Employees

Data Protection and Security

Anti Social Behaviour for General Employees: This e-learning course has been designed to give guidance to employees and contractors on recognising anti-social behaviour and what to do to control it.

General Data Protection Regulation e-Learning

The learning answers what is Data Protection, examining how the new regulations differ from the old. Practical advice is offered in developing new procedures for handing data.

Bribery Act e-Learning

Bribery Act

Data Protection and Security

Bribery Act: This course deals with the thngs you need to know to ensure your business complies with the Bribery Act 2010. The course emphasises the importance of applying common sense and honesty when dealing with suppliers.

Data Protection Act e-Learning

Data Protection Act

Data Protection and Security

Data Protection Act: The e-learning introduces the Data Protection Act (DPA), the terminology used in the Act and how to apply it to your workplace. A case study of implementing this course can be found on the site.

General Security e-Learning

General Security

Data Protection and Security

General Security: By the end of the e-learning you will have a greater understanding of security threats: recognising the various types and consequences of a breach in company security.

IT Security e-Learning

IT Security

Data Protection and Security

IT Security: IT Security and understanding company policy Network Eavesdropping and protective measures Threats to your password(s) and best practice to avoid attack. Mal-ware: what it is and how to recognise it. Steps to take to avoid attack from Mal-ware.

Money Laundering e-Learning

Money Laundering

Data Protection and Security

Money Laundering: This course covers how to recognise and prevent money laundering in the regulated sector.

Alcohol and Drugs Awareness e-Learning

Alcohol and Drugs Awareness

Social Learning

Alcohol and Drugs Awareness: This course covers the problems surrounding the abuse of legal and illegal substances at work, disciplinary procedures and policy.

Assistive Technology e-Learning

Assistive Technology

Social Learning

Assistive Technology: This course is aimed at all people who are required to support people with varying levels of care and independence.

Equality and Diversity Foundation e-Learning

Equality and Diversity Foundation: The reasons for encouraging diversity with social housing and beyond are discussed. This course is an introduction to the subject which can be used as part of an employee's induction.

Equality and Diversity e-Learning

Equality and Diversity

Social Learning

Equality and Diversity: The course involves identifying the types of discrimination and what to do when discrimination is encountered. It also covers the benefits of equality.

Safeguarding Adults e-Learning

Safeguarding Adults

Social Learning

Safeguarding Adults: This course offers basic training to all staff whose work brings them into contact with vulnerable adults. Learn how to identify abuse and what to do when encountering it.

Safeguarding Children e-Learning

Safeguarding Children

Social Learning

Safeguarding Children: This course offers basic child protection training to all staff whose work brings them into contact with families, children and young people.

People Management e-Learning

People Management: This e-learning session which has been designed to help managers throughout the organisation who have responsibility for managing people.

Time Management e-Learning

Time Management: This course focuses on what makes effective time management and offers some strategies and advice to increasing efficiency at work.

Stress e-Learning



Stress: The e-learning covers methods of identifying stress and deals with copy strategies for reducing the stress felt at work.

About These Courses

All e-Learning WMB courses have been built free of charge for our members on the condition that the courses can be shared amongst the membership. We have a Subject Matter Review Panel that checks the content before it is made available for distribution. The course list currently stands at 40 courses and is growing each month. Details of the membership packages can be found here.

Jackdaw Cloud Costings

  • Free

  • £0.00/$0.00 / year

  • 1 course
  • 10 pages
  • No uploads
  • All media libraries
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  • Solo

  • £199/$299 / year

  • 3 courses / year
  • Unlimited pages
  • Up to 500 MB uploads
  • All media libraries
  • Export to SCORM Zip
  • E-mail Assistance
  • 30 days money back
  • Pro

  • £499/$749 / year

  • 10 courses / year
  • Unlimited pages
  • 1 GB uploads
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  • E-mail Assistance
  • 30 days money back
  • Team

  • £1,999/$2,999 / year

  • Unlimited courses
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  • 5 GB Uploads
  • All media libraries
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  • Export to IOS/Android Apps
  • E-mail Assistance
  • Add up to 4 Colleagues
  • 30 days money back