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Video Presenters

Why Use Video Presenters?

The power of a video presenter is not to be underestimated. Venerated historian, AJP Taylor would give televised lectures directly to the camera, no props, no cuts and simply a clock to ensure the live presentation finished to the second.

The visual connection to the person giving the message is a very important factor in creating effective e-learning. The video presenter holds the viewer's attention, ensuring facts are digested and concepts explained effectively by giving visual cues to each concept.

Videoed presenters in the e-learning to make more effective online learning

Surely adding video presenters is expensive..?

You would think so but the simple answer is "no". Jackdaw is supplied with 80 presenter videos (the number will continue to grow) which can be selected to walk into each scene.

For a greater degree of customisation, why not film your own presenters? e-learning WMB has its own "green-screen" studio for recording e-learning sessions - we can bring this to you if necessary to shoot key personnel on-site. Alternatively we would be happy to offer advice on how to shoot and edit using green screen production techniques. Shooting and embedding video presenters can be included in any standard training day offered with Jackdaw Cloud or included with membership.

Next Step...?

You can visit the next step which examines just how easy and quickly these courses can be created. Jackdaw Cloud has been designed by a human factors expert to be easy to use so that is far simpler to use than Power Point, despite its impressive output. Alternatively create a account today and start immediately adding video presenters to your e-learning by using Jackdaw Cloud.

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