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Ease of Use

Why Ease of Use is Key to Jackdaw Cloud's Success

Jackdaw is an ideal system for the most novice of computer users to the experienced developer. The greater your skill level in using Flash, Photoshop etc, the more you can seamlessly add to your Jackdaw Cloud courses.

It has always been a core goal of Jackdaw Cloud however to democratise the process of e-learning development; enabling everyone from the programmer to the most novice computer user to create, collaborate and review using the same system. To this end Jackdaw Cloud has been designed by a human factors expert to be simple to use. There are only 8 buttons needed to edit courses, a 1 minute tour will take you through the use of these buttons - after which you will be able to use Jackdaw Cloud. Within 5 minutes a course can be created that will resembles a TV documentary.

Ergonomically designed e-learning to be easy to author e-learning in the cloud

Ease of Use Features

Jackdaw Cloud has user-friendliness designed into the product. Features include:

  • Buttons have many functions, this makes the learning curve very quick.
  • 57 Second tour on first use will introduce users to all functions - no training necessary (although classroom training can be purchased).
  • Context sensitive help - press the help button for a You Tube video guiding the user through customising each template.
  • Publication process to App Stores or Learning Management Systems at the touch of a button.

Jackdaw Cloud brings e-learning development directly into the hands of Subject Matter experts saving organisations vast amount of time and money. That is not to say that there is no role for e-learning designers or programmers; Jackdaw Cloud can import Flash and image assets. Users are only limited by their imaginations.

Next Step...?

One of Jackdaw Cloud's most powerful features lies in its ability to export e-learning content directly into Apple IOS and Android Apps (20% of the top 50 e-learning apps have been created using Jackdaw Cloud.) Visit the section on Mobile Learning else if you cannot wait then why not set up an account and start developing your course(s) - it is completely free to develop courses.

If you would like a tour of the system then contact us ( to arrange an appointment.