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Advanced Features

What does Jackdaw Cloud Offer the More Experienced Developer?

Jackdaw Cloud has been designed to integrate with as many third party development tools as possible. Rather than doing away with existing software, you will find new ways to be creative with your existing skill-set and software tools.

Jackaw Cloud can import content from any number of applications including:

  • e-learning: Articulate, Captivate etc.
  • Animation: Flash, Flex, Flash Video
  • Video: Flash Video
  • Audio: Mp3 & Wav

Apart from the workflow, speed and quality improvements of using Jackdaw Cloud, there is an added bonus is that Jackdaw Cloud can act as a wrapper enabling your content to be imported onto Apple and Android Smartphones and tablets!!! So if you have heard that Flash is dead, Jackdaw Cloud's Smartphone wrapper has proved that to be wrong.

e-learning authoring online which integrates with Articulate, Captivate,  Animation, Flash, Flex and Flash Video

The Ramifications of Using Jackdaw Cloud

Jackdaw Cloud will enable you to reset your design goals to a new level. You will start thinking in 3D rather than consider e-Learning as a flat presentation. You will probably learn new skills such as green screen filming and editing.

At the end of the day the whole design process will be much more creative and fun. We know this because it is a road we have already travelled designing e-learning for others.

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