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3D e-Learning

What is 3D e-Learning?

Jackdaw Cloud starts with the premise that a course is separated into a series of scenes or rooms in which the course takes place. These rooms have depth - so video presenters can walk on in the foreground, buttons can appear behind them and 3D objects can fall from the sky and even be thrown around the room. This is 3D e-Learning.

3D e-learning authoring online

Rather than creating an interactive PowerPoint slide, Jackdaw Cloud enables you to create something more closer to an interactive documentary.

The Advantages of 3D e-Learning?

3D e-learning represents a step-change in effectiveness. In a recent study of 102 trainees, 98% either agreed or strongly agreed that they understood the subject matter having completed a Jackdaw Cloud course featuring 3D e-learning. This is a remarkable result by why is this the case?

The reasons for 3D e-learning being so effective can be summarised as:

  • Learning is based in a contextually realistic environment. The transfer of learning to the real 3D world is subsequently greater.
  • Interesting 3D courses hold the trainees attention leading to better processing of the data.
  • Salient learning that is visually interesting will stand out when memorised and recalled better.
  • Learners will be motivated to do more courses in future.

Organisations that have implemented Jackdaw Cloud's 3D e-learning have seen a sea change in attitudes towards e-learning. Whereas before it was considered a bothersome exercise in pressing the Next button, feedback has shown that the learners welcome the opportunity to do more courses.

Next Step...?

You can visit the next step on how to add video presenters to your 3D e-learning presentation. These greatly increase attenuation and can help explain some visual concepts (mimicking the traditional chalk and talk process.) Else create a account today and start immediately using Jackdaw Cloud to create your first 3D e-learning course.

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