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12 Reasons for Jackdaw Cloud: Online e-learning Authoring

12 Reasons for Jackdaw Cloud based e-learning authoring tool

Jackdaw Cloud has been produced by it's authors - e-Learning WMB - originally for the needs of a project for the UK Government. The brief was to throw away the format of other e-learning tools and produce something that could create e-learning that had the interactivity of great e-learning, but looked and felt like a video documentary. Seven years of tweaking the system on a multitude of live projects has lead to the creation of Jackdaw Cloud. The system is so good that now all of e-Learning WMB's award winning bespoke development work is carried out using this single cloud based system.

So what makes Jackdaw Cloud so unique and effective. The following reasons have been compiled; ask yourself how many of these your current e-learning development system can meet. Any one of these reasons could be enough cause a rethink.

12 reasons to use Jackdaw Cloud:

1. Learning is better: the 3D e-learning Jackdaw Cloud creates is as far away from the traditional PowerPoint style e-learning of old as shadow puppets are from video. This captures the viewer's interest and helps them be attentive and learn.

2. e-learning is faster to produce: Jackdaw Cloud has a template approach to design which produces better e-learning quicker, which means huge cost savings to you.

3. e-learning that can respond quicker to changes in technology: Jackdaw Cloud is used daily to create e-learning in house. As such it is updated almost instantly to any change in technology (mobile platforms, operating systems etc.) There is no need to wait for the next release of the software (Articulate, Captivate etc.)

4. Better support: all support is ran out of our head office in the UK. Call or email us - you will get straight through to the technical team who developed the systems we use. We take pride in offering experienced support directly to you.

5. A Single Solution: integration between the Learning Management System and Jackdaw Cloud authoring software is seamless. Everything comes from the same supplier.

6. Mobile Learning: try to squeeze traditional e-Learning onto a smartphone and it looks cramped and it difficult to read. A Jackdaw Cloud e-learning app on the other hand recreates the world of Gulliver, as a mini presenter walks across your hand - download any free Android or iPhone app to see. Go to your App store and search for "e-Learning WMB" - Jackdaw Cloud e-learning apps make up 20% of the top 50 e-learning apps available.

7. Jackdaw Cloud Bespoke Development: sometimes you may not have the time to produce a course, need additional green-screen filming, add a well known actor or even have comedy added to your course. We can supplement our core service with an array of media skills to help produce something really unique.

8. Ease of Use: the user friendly design (Jackdaw Cloud was designed by an ergonomist) means that anyone in an organisation can learn the basics of creating a course in under a minute. This will help collaboration and allow the rapid adoption of Jackdaw Cloud throughout an organisation. Which brings us on to ...

9. No Cost Barriers: whether you are working under the pay as you go or membership models, there are no cost barriers to authoring e-learning using Jackdaw Cloud; this will mean Jackdaw Cloud will be adopted quickly throughout the organisation.

10. No Software Downloads: most corporate environments prevent the installation of software on standard machines. Access to Jackdaw Cloud is through the browser and requires no third party plug-ins not available on any standard browser.

11. Cloud based collaboration: teams can collaborate on a single project, with permissions set for each project team member. This makes project management simple.

And finally 12. We are effective - this is the most important factor. Our e-learning works; in a recent independent study of over 100 learners 98% said they found the e-learning effective! Jackdaw Cloud allows you to create e-learning people will be really motivated to carry out and as a result learn effectively.

Work with Jackdaw Cloud and very quickly you will realise that this represents a step-change in e-learning development. No longer will you design flat learning slides, instead you will be creating scenes with 3D objects and presenters walking around within them. You will start to be more like a documentary film maker and less a compiler of presentations.

Don't take our word for it though, you're only a click away from seeing what the fuss is all about.